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KS Jewelry CAD Design

CAD Design

Leveraging 3D technology enables us to focus on intricate elements and achieve a high level of precision that surpasses traditional methods. At the heart of our creativity lies our proficient CAD team, well-versed in harnessing the power of Rhino, Matrix, and Jewelcad. This allows us to transform visions into reality, crafting impeccable designs.

CNC Department

Our facility has a CNC department equipped with the latest generation machines. Our team of specialists is available to handle challenging projects and mass production. We offer advice and support for products requiring the highest precision and artistic quality. Our services benefit technically complicated pieces or those with absolutely smooth surfaces.

ks Production Stone Selection

Stone Department

Our stone department lays the foundation for our high jewelry production. The meticulous procurement and selection of high-quality gemstones, such as diamonds and colored stones, is essential. Each stone is hand-picked based on its color, clarity, and cut, and then carefully sorted by size. We are deeply passionate about colored stones and carefully select the perfect ones for our customers' jewelry.

Stone re-cutting

Stone re-cutting is absolutely essential for our demanding projects. Whether it's diamonds that need to be recut, e.g. baguettes or colored stones in various shapes, we have the expertise to make it happen. Our large, talented team handles everything in-house, including re-cutting and grooving stones for the invisible setting. We are fully capable and confident in our abilities.

Invisible Setting

Our exceptional invisible setting technique creates a flawless, seamless surface of stones, with no gold visible between them from above. We have perfected this royal class of setting technology since the mid-1980s, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence. In addition to color stones, we apply this technique with diamonds, showcasing our mastery of this traditional craft.

KS Jewelry Manufacturer - Yelllow Gold ring with invisible setting Diamonds
KS Jewelry Production Butterfly Earrings with diamonds and Sapphires
KS Jewelry Production flower necklace made of gold and diamonds
KS Jewelry Production classic earrings with diamonds
KS Jewelry manufacturer - Flower Brooch made of gold and invisible set rubies

Handmade flexible Coronets

We create jewelry with high flexibility, stability, and very clean coronets by hand. By inventing a special technique and tools, this technology allows us to achieve a high level of quality. With thin gold wires made from pulled wire, we forge true highlights.

Microscope Pavé Setting

High-quality jewelry should sparkle and captivate in any lighting. To achieve this, stones must be set in a way that refracts light and creates beautiful reflections. This is a standard in the jewelry industry. Our Pavé setting technique takes it to the next level by hand-setting the stones with the utmost precision. This is made possible through exact planning, stone sizes, and setting by using a microscope.

Flower Brooch with microscope pavee in white and pink
Gold ring with blue sapphires in microscope pavee setting

A dedicated team of over 100 workers executes the job, bringing their passion and extensive expertise to the task. They meticulously handle melee diamonds and larger stones with precision and care. Additionally, they skillfully set solitaire rings and various other pieces of jewelry on a daily basis, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in every aspect of their work.